About Nora Gardner

After working on Wall Street for nearly six years, Nora noticed a pressing need for attractive women’s work wear.

She found traditional business suits uncomfortable and unflattering, yet most of the available alternatives were either too suggestive, too expensive, or lacking in functional, practical aspects such as pockets and durable fabric.

Driven to help women succeed in the work place and equipped with real life insight into the need, she left the corporate world and founded her own clothing company. Nora is dedicated to providing women with attire to help them feel confident, comfortable, professional and attractive. She encourages women to invest in their work wardrobe and to understand the importance of a consistently professional appearance.

Her tasteful and timeless style also easily transitions into other areas of life. She plans one day to expand her brand to meet all the wardrobe needs of modern working women, supporting them as they work to achieve their career aspirations.



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